At A D Rattray we go to great lengths to source interesting and unusual casks which reflect the different styles and nuances of the 6 Scotch whisky regions.

These are bottled at their natural strength and colour and without chill-filtration so that all of the wonderful flavours which have developed over years spent in the casks are retained.

Whether from Mr Morrison's own stock or independently sourced, only casks which are found to be of exceptional quality are bottled under the A D Rattray Cask Collection label and released into selected markets.

Whether from a barrel, a hogshead or a butt, because these are single cask whiskies they are only available in extremely limited quantities, often no more than a couple of hundred bottles for each cask.

If you have bulk whisky which you think may be of interest to A D Rattray Ltd, please contact us with further details.

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