The Story Begins...

Stronachie Distillery was built by Alexander & MacDonald in the 1890s at the top of a lonely glen close to the Perth/Kinross border.

Its high altitude, remote location could only be reached from a rough road which wound through the Ochil mountains. The nearest railway station was 6 miles away at Milnathort and the connecting roads were very poor, becoming almost impassable in winter.

This difficulty in transportation led to one of Stronachie’s biggest claims to fame however...

The distillery initially used a steam traction engine to pull the solid-wheeled trailers containing barrels of spirit down the hill, but this method caused terrible damage to the roads and the locals protested bitterly.

The solution was found in the 1920s when a 5 mile narrow-gauge railway was built to connect the distillery to the main rail link at Milnathort. At the time this was the longest private distillery line in Britain.

The Loss

Despite the many challenges faced by Stronachie Distillery it succeeded in producing a fine spirit for around 30 years.

During that time Stronachie Single Malt became widely available in and around Glasgow thanks to the successful distribution developed by Andrew Dewar Rattray, a relative of the current owner of A. D. Rattray, Mr S. W. Morrison.

However Stronachie was hit in the late 1920s, like many others, by soaring coal and grain prices. It was forced to cease production in 1928 and was dismantled around 1930.

Today there is only a small area of low stone walls to show where Stronachie once stood.

The obliteration is total. Only the name remains...

The Revival

Whilst researching the history of closed distilleries back in 2001 A. D. Rattray’s owner, Mr Morrison, was surprised and delighted to discover a family link with the original distributor of Stronachie Single Malt and decided to look into bringing back the old brand.

A bottle of 1904 Stronachie was bought at auction – one of only 4 believed to be in existence – and a small sample of the spirit siphoned off.

Then the search to find a distillery which produced a similar old-fashioned style began. Finally, after extensive sampling, the remote and high altitude Benrinnes was chosen.

The first class malt produced there emulates the style, character and flavour profile of the original Stronachie whisky.

Stronachie is now available as a 10 and 18 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky throughout the world.

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